Campfire WIP

fire 1.1
Campfire Work In Progress project for University that I wasn’t hable to finish on time, need to create some snow storm effects in the background to further create more contrast. Feel free to critique or add suggestions. Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Hey Byron!
Great first post you got there.

It is hard to tell in this short and compressed gif, but here are some pointers from me:

  1. The fire is probably tilted by the wind. But wind is very irregular. they fire/embers could wave back and forth a bit more (harshly)

  2. In my opinion, there are to many embers. For me this makes fire look more aggressive, but that may be just a stylistic choice at the end.

  3. I think I see a faint of refraction on there, if not, add some refraction! :slight_smile:

  4. It probably is because of the compression, but the smoke looks pretty off. I still have trouble making smoke fit the flame correctly, but what I often find: most of the time the doesn’t need to be that much (black) smoke. If you look up references of campfires, there is barely any smoke to see. (depending on what is burned of course)

Looking forward to see the whole scene!

I have a module that moves that rotates the sprites, but still need to perfect it since I agree it seems slow. There is no refraction, still need to add it ( I have never done it but I think I can figure it out) And yea, the quality of my gif makes the smoke look stylized. Next time I’ll post a youtube video link or something, that way I can get better feedback. I’ll increase the number of embers. Thanks for the feed back :slight_smile:

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