Build A Rocket Boy VFX position

I got an offer from a recruiter that I don’t have the opportunity to get, so I asked if I can post here if anyone else is interested! Some of the email info below:
You may not have heard of Build a Rocket Boy before as they are quite a new company - The studio was setup by the ex-president of Rockstar North (Leslie Benzies) and they have assembled a team, just think Avengers, but they all come from AAA backgrounds i.e. Rockstar, Ubisoft, EA, Starbreeze etc… !
this will be his last move as they are aiming to be the next Naughty Dog with the team they already have and the project they have in production.
On my recommendation would you be open to having an informal chat with Thomas Woode (Art Director), if anything just to find out a little bit more about the project and their ambitious plans for the studio?

If anyone’s interested, the email of the recruiter is , so you can just say that I posted it in the forum
Good luck if anyone’s interested!


Thanks man! You’re lucky!