Bubble stun, Niagara UE5

Hi everyone, I’m new in new in the community. I’m still practicing and exploring features in Niagara and I would appreciate it if you could provide some feedback and ideas as you consider.

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It looks great so far, the material you used for the bubbles looks pretty and the “stun” effect is very well illustrated.

A few things that could help would be:

1 - A few darker color particles to make the effect “pop out” more when the background has a similar color to the main particles. Something like darker blue bubbles here and there would improve clarity.

2 - Right now the impact and the bubble explosion feel a bit too “weak”. Impact particles when the projectile connects and a bigger and more exaggerated bubble pop would help the effect significantly.
You could also add some camera shake and make the target drop faster when the bubble pops.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you! This really helped. I’ve added impact particles when the projectile connects and I made the bubble pop more exaggerated, also the target drops faster. I’m still working on it but I like how it looks.


It’s so awesome! Great job :open_mouth:

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