Brebb - Sketch #1

Finally getting around to having a sketchbook and getting more practice in. I’m a TA that’s worked as a VFX artist and does a lot of VFX work as a TA. So I really should have been keeping up with doing practice and portfolio VFX.

This is a fire based exercise, the idea was to make a simple fire effect to practice trying to communicate fire but with as little textures and particle system or material complexity. Sort of like practicing using less strokes to communicate more in traditional painting.

Here’s the effect as in simple emitter form

From there I threw in some soft circles to fill out the base. Also I made a couple color variations for the fire at this point, also I tested it out in a sprite emitter on this square glow.

Also made some emit over distance versions to use for fire trails or missiles.

A Little Sneak peak at the particle system

And here’s the texture I made for this effect. The size is a bit big for only being a 2x2 but I think the pixel density is worth it with how well the shapes worked out in the emitter.

And here’s a failed first attempt at the texture. The erosion wasn’t the worst but the shape’s orientation was just not it. I was trying to figure out good shapes that weren’t necessarily one animation but approximate key frames. Glad I got it the second time.