Brandon Jedlowski : Sketch #37 Scary

Finished the final vfx, took feedback from friends as I worked on it, trying to get a good feel and timing to the final effect as well as adjusting the colors along the way. Was a fun challenge I haven’t done a themed vfx and am still learned and expanding my knowledge.

This is the first event I am trying to participate in when I can manage the time to work on it. Created multiple variations to get some feedback on which I should work on more. I have been having a fun time progressing on what I have, and have been referencing some diablo 3 and destiny 2 for some ideas for what I am doing.

I would make these embed but I am unsure how to do that

These are the five variations I got so far


I really like options 3. It feels like it has the most force.

Cool! I love the bat swarm, reminds me of Witcher 3: Blood & Wine! :slight_smile:

Have you tried combining speeds/elements from multiple versions? For example, v5 is really punchy; I’d be curious to how the cool tendrils of v3 look bursting out at a similar speed and with a noisy beam or fast-moving streaked particles added to it. Taking a few screencaps of what you have to kitbash concepts in an image editor might help you as well. Just a couple ideas, anyway - looking forward to see what you come up with!

Yeah, the embedding trips everyone up :smiley: I find the videos embed properly if I put the URL alone on its own line (if that’s not what you tried doing, maybe I’m just finally got lucky with it).

Taking the feed back i got from here and the feedback from friends I choose one of the five and worked on it. This is what I got so far, and thank you for the help so far. Been really wanting to get the speed and the color good for this and trying out different ones as I have been working on this

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