Brad N's VFX Sketchbook

Hey all!

I recently decided to dip in to VFX with some help from one of the locals here, @Hyrun via the Mentor Coalition, so I figured it was about time I said hello and set up one of these sketchbook threads as I continue the journey :wave: :smile:

Here are a few takes on the my final project from that session, inspired by Pawel Margacz’s character selection effect article on


I love the color in this. Nice work!


Great work dude. I love how “smooth” your shaders look.

One little thing that I’d like to point out is the little embers currently disappear all at the same time when the sphere appears, try adding a variation in life time so some end earlier and some end a bit later.

Nice job on the timing of the arrival; however I feel like the depart can be just a bit more powerful.

Can’t wait to see more from you! :smiley:


Love the colours, lighting and overall presentation! awesome job


Much appreciated, guys!

I love how the portal closes half-way, waits a second and then fully closes :smiley: The colors are very well chosen as well. Love it!


love those effects… awesome colors combinations…

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I know I’m a little biased but I love the motion you have with the sphere, the flow of it is spot on :smiley:

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Suuuuuper C L E A N :star_struck:

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