Bossu: Sketch #22

Finally got around to doing something for the monthly sketch, I tried experimenting with variety of tools and pipelines that I wasn’t yet very familiar with when doing these effects.

Rough effects:

  1. Claw
    References used: Ruh’Kaan from Battlerite

  2. Lightning

  3. Plexus
    References used:

  4. Sparks

  5. Smoke
    References used: Houdini VFX for Games | SideFX

  6. Fluid
    References used: VAT Paintsplat! // Houdini for Games | SideFX

  7. Flip
    Tried my hand at 2D animations too, it’s definitely a lot harder than it looks :smile:

Final Effect:

Tried to go for some kind of cursed TV claw for this one.

I chose to do magic projectiles and here are some concepts that I did when I was thinking about different effects:

Not super happy with the results but at least I got something done this time around and got to play around with some new tools like Niagara and some more Houdini. :smile:

Seems like I tend to rely too much on just using pure white or black colors and should think more about using more varied values. But this was an interesting experiment and I might do some more gray scale studies in the future, should be useful for learning when there aren’t all those fancy colors taking your attention from what’s important. :smile:


The Claw and the Plexus look great, and I also like the Flip, it has that “paper” feel from some Nintendo games.

Good job!