Borniol: Sketch #30 - Fireworks

Hey, i’m starting this event a little late, but i don’t want to miss it :slight_smile:

Final Effect :

Low quality Gif (thumbnail) :


For this one i’m going to re-create Jinx Ultimate (with Firecracker skin)
Here is the reference :


I started with a quick study of the effect :

Then i wanted to set the background, i found a texture of the game and put it on a plane with a post process that do the bloom, so i was ready.

I created all my textures based on the study I showed you before ( I knew everything i needed before doing creating the effect, that was actually really nice).
And I used Shadergraph to do some simple shader to use them all.

Now almost EVERYTHING was timing and animation, for most of the particles i used the Render Alignment : Velocity (working pretty well).

Something also super important i learned was the feeling of the energy .
(This is applied to everything but here is the smoke as exemple).

I’ve done all the particle systems with shuriken, most of them were pretty similar.

Here is the result of the explosion :


  • A simple mesh to fake the rocket (I probably won’t do more about it because of time).
  • Emitting the explosion at the end of the rocket journey.
  • Jinx is a nice sphere.


  • More work on the Muzzle.
  • More work on the trail.
    For both of them I took particles systems i’ve done for the explosion.


And this is it :slight_smile:

Now i will go after some particle system i like and explain them :

  • The Fire :fire: :


This is made by emmitting planes with differents size / rotation / colors / … over time
(time per particle lifetime but also time per particle system lifetime).
I only have one texture used in two differents shaders (wich are the same as the one i showed ealier, but with different blend modes) :

  • Snake Fireworks :snake: :

For this one it’s about emitting some particles, hide their visibility, and spawn particles where the first ones are. I found it to be a nice little trick.
Head particles pop with a random speed and are moving this way because of a noise.


  • Smoke Clouds :cloud: :


This is pretty simple, I made a texture sheet like that and i ask my particle system to emit one of them.


The rest of the work is Color over lifetime / Limitting velocity over lifetime / Rotation over life time .

If you want anything else to be explained just let me know
I am taking any of your feedbacks :slight_smile:


Super cool! Very well done :smiley:

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Awesome work! That looks pretty much indistinguishable from the real one in game!

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