Borniol : Sketch #29 WIP

I will be really short in time for this one
i have multiple ideas of the animation and due to my time limit i will experiment and see where i land :slight_smile:

Curent state :


Here is my little boy:
(mesh with zbrush + maya / texture in substance painter)


i wanted to create a pumpkin and animate it’s face with shader using the same technique as in hte game Slime Rancher, everything is very well explained here Monomi Park Forums • View topic - Slime Faces: Behind The Scenes

so thanks to it i have the tongue and the glitter in eyes that follow my view
(it gives a 3d aspect but it’s actually just shader)

and a “not perfect but will be fine for now” animation that i can control with a vecot 1 going from 0 to 1.
(later it will be a vertex color node so i will control it in particle system)

it makes the tongue and glitter disappear + open the mouth + close the eyes


bad surprise, i cannot add more colors (yellow cross) in my gradient to control the effect
(hehe this is probably not supposed to be used to control a face tho)


this is where i am now :



So cute :slight_smile: with this cuteness i think he lacks some leaves and stems in a flashy light green for ex.

Have you tried using Custom Data and Custom Vertex Stream? Using colors for data is more optimized for sure, but you give away a bunch of controls

This is definitely a good idea thx :smiley:

I never tried Custom Data and Custom Vertex Stream but i surely will thx :slight_smile: