Borniol: Sketch #28

-Here is my Portal :

(low quality gif now)


I’m creating a portal based on rick & morty one
(I hope i’m not out of theme :upside_down_face: )

I first started with a simple mesh like that just in case I need some kind of depth
(a plane could have done the same job)


Most of the texture is done with a twirl and a simple noise


I choose to go for a some more “cutted” shapes because I think it’s fit better the style of the show.
To achieve this I’m using voronoi cells instead of my texture :slight_smile:
I also made a simple mask to have borders


I worked on the border a little more to give a blobby aspect and added a little of yellow next to it
also I added the white dots (all of this is just textures & offset*time)


Next objectives were the yellow points you see when someone go trough the portal & more work on the spiral shapes

Here is how I make it kinda works:

and here is how it looks


A little more use of depth fade and a simple oppening and closing with the particle system
And a little work on the my characters :upside_down_face: + an animator to move them
(they just come from behind the portal)


(quality is lower than ever because the gif is longer :confused: )

A little try on sparks with particles and trails

(not really what i wanted)

So I created a materials for sparks with moving UVs & Basic Disolve:

My texture (I changed it a little later but same principe)

Animating the texture with UV :

Simple disolve that i control with the alpha of my particle system:

And this are my sparks now:


Some little drops at the end


Then a little more work on the portal:
I can now control the speed of the effect with the alpha of my particle system
(vertex color node like for the disolve earlier)
So now I can add a little punch at the end of the effect :slight_smile:


And we’re done :green_heart:

I am taking any of your feedbacks :slight_smile:


I do wish the rim of the portal was more blobby and less uniform as it was rotating.

thanks for the advice it’s updated :slight_smile: i might tweak it a little at the end i’ll see

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This is looking cool!
I love the colours and the general feeling so far, good job! :slight_smile:


Wow, great progress on matching your reference and color palette! I agree with MountainHawkD - a bit of organic breakup for interest is pretty much always good :wink:

Depending on how you imagine it appearing/disappearing, experimenting with the speed of the effect might be useful for a more sudden bursting/popping feel

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Yeah good idea, i hope i’m done with the appearing and disappearing at the end of the week, your tips will surely help :smiley:

It’s looking pretty good !
Rick & Morty’s appearance is a nice funny addition to your FX

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