Blood Moon Lux - Remake (2020)

Hey Folks,

It’s been a long while since I originally made my Blood Moon Lux Fan-Art.

I had seen this great piece a while back and it got me inspired to go back and revisit my old project.

I even tried my hand at some sound design, alongside updating my environment. I transitioned over to Unreal 4 from Unity since the tools I had seemed limited. UE4’s materials and systems also allowed me to add more depth that vanilla Unity lacks.

You can view the comparison here. Man, really looking at reference and scrutinizing it deeply makes a world of difference. I’m sure glad there’s great reference to look at!


It is very nice to hear that you were inspired by my work! Cool effect! :grin:

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So sick… I wish I could be as good as you guys!

The effect is so damn smooth, vibrant, and satisfyingly impactful.

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