Blender "Unreal Tools" (not official one) Baking vertex animations

Hi guys

Did some one use it? GitHub - JoshRBogart/unreal_tools: Blender 3D scripts for storing vertex data for use in a vertex shader.
Based on description - " * Adapted for Blender from 3ds Max scripts created by Jonathan Lindquist at Epic Games" its kind of the same tools for baking vertex animations to textures.

After pressing “Process Anim Meshes” i get new mesh named “export_mesh”.

But the question is… where i can find a created texture? :slight_smile:

Good question!

From a quick readthrough, it seems that the script creates 2 new images offset_texture and normal_texture.
It does seem to asign data to those images but doesn’t seem to do anything else with them.

perhaps a bpy.ops.image.save_as() command with those textures could get you the output you are looking for?

Oh. Probably i should try to do it, cause after all i find those textures in the project (im doesnt do any texturing work in blender so dont know how to find something related to it).
Normal texture behave normally, i can as example, assing it to object diffuse and save it without problem.
But offset texture behave really wierd.
If i assign offset texture to object, i can see something, some gradients which are good sign, but immidiately after i save those texture to any format - texture becomes black even inside blender. :thinking: