Blarama: Sketch#20 WIP

Long time lurker and first time poster, I couldn’t let this sketch finish without giving it a shot!

I’d like to do something very dense and with a lot of volume, using 3D shapes (either spheres or customs, to be defined).

Current state:

My main reference so far is this amazing sketch:

can't stop tinkering with those spheres! #ue4 #vfx

— Ana S. 🔜 GDC (@vfxana) 20 février 2019

here is another reference:

300 Days Of Animation__78
by denOrelli on DeviantArt

let’s see how much I can achieve in 7 (busy) days ^-^


Hi everyone,

I’ve had a bit of time to kill so right now I’m trying to get the shader to do behave :triumph: .

This is kind of the first draft but at least I feel like I’m closer to my intentions. Next step is to do a lot of polish and cleaning (this is a bit too noisy right now).

I will probably add some sparkles and some kind of “energy base” later on!

Here’s a gif of the current state (sorry for crappy quality):

If anyone has feedback I would love to hear it :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I finally got around improving and adding a few things on what I had.

This is the current version of the fire.

I tried to give it more pink-ish colors instead of the classical yellow-red range.
Added a few sparkles at the base and that fly away on top.

There is some very basic refraction at the base as well to deform the light on the sparkles.
Finally I added a “heart” in the center of the fire with a very high emissive and vertex offset that gives a glow that flickers and some substance to the whole thing.

Here’s a few other captures:

If anyone has feedback / comments I’d love to hear them :>

ps.: I’m really not used to posting in forums and kind of getting a hang of the images - videos formatting. I could use advices about that - hehehe.


Last mini edit:

I made a better video ^-^

Here’s the youtube link:

and an imgur upload:

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