Black hole effect practice

Hey guys! This is a practice effect using Niagara. Feedback and ideas for this effect or new things to try next are all welcome!



@simonschreibt thank you for the imgur embed trick :smiley:

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very cool! a general idea could be to make the (back)ground a bit darker to let the effect shine a bit more. right now the grey is very bright and takes away from the nice glowing areas of your swirl.


oh, and you can upload a little gif into your first post which gives you a nice little thumbnail in the thread preview.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I edited the first post with a darker background and made the wisps wispier.
Is it possible to have both the gif for thumbnail and imgur embedded at the same time? Doesn’t seem to work for me :confused:

Ye, just imgur link needs to be in a separate line

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Ah figured it out! I needed to right click on the video itself and copy the link instead of copying from the address bar

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