Björn Riemann: Clean Up Your Mess! (UE4)

Bad calculation / Clean up your mess


Finally uploaded this one :smile:

It started as a very basic “confetti” effect and after some time I reworked it almost three times and ended with this idea. Main reference at start was the Radiant Crisis skin series of Valorant, but quite early on I moved more into a oldschool pop art/ dot shaded artstyle, with a focus on graffiti letters.

Its a very basic setup, purely based on sprites and a super easy dissolve setup.

Main plan was to focus on the look and feel of the effect, to really sell the idea of a comic style particle, from animations to textures and rendering in general. Also a test for creating textures for the first time in procreate, which was actually a quite nice experience and I wasted way too much time on details, that cant be seen at all^^

All textures drawn for this effect

Modelling of other elements/ rigging and animation of the box are done inside Blender and the remaining animated meshes like rocket etc. are done inside UE Sequencer.

Added some outline models to the used assets and replaced the darkest parts of the image with a basic dot shading in a postprocess shader, to add the last touch :dotted_line_face:

For soundeffects I threw a bunch of cartoon sfx together, didnt spent even close to enough time on this imporant step (really need to improve this mindset, sound is 50% of everything), but was kinda sick of having this one laying around and still not having shared it :sweat_smile:

Overall I really liked this little test and once I have more time, I think I will do a “real” cartoony effect, on a higher quality level than this little exercise :sparkles:


Haha! Love this so much!

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Thank you, was quite a lot of fun building :smile:

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It’s a great idea! Amazing! :star_struck:

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