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Hi everyone!

I’m working at a game studio in Stockholm (not as a VFX artist) and i have recently gotten into VFX in my spare time and i’m trying my best to improve. I have been using Unity and Unreal for a couple of months now, just tinkering and playing around, i’m struggling a bit with setting up Shaders and using them in Unity, it just feels a lot simpler and more streamlined in Unreal.

Anyway, i’m currently focusing on timing/impact on my effects and for that i feel like Unity is quicker to set up and actually get to the prototyping part.

These two i have been working on for a day or two, trying to get the feeling down, how to properly pack textures, what shaders to use for particles etc.
One thing that i would like to know is how to make something like a “dissolve/erode” shader effect on a smoke texture perhaps? i feel like it would look a lot better than simply using all white mesh spheres that fade out over time. Is there a fairly simple way to set this up in ShaderGraph? I tried to set something up earlier today using a tutorial from Brackeys but i’m not sure it would work in a particle system since the dissolve is being driven by a Time/Sine function which just dissolves and “resolves” the mesh again. Any suggestions are super welcome and overall critique too of course!

Thanks everyone!


Another update and another effect.
I’m still trying to get my timings right and really want people to get a sense of impact when seeing the effect.

The textures are still mostly placeholders. One problem i have is i’m not satisfied with the colors. I’m not a Material Editor expect so i’m not really sure what Material domain works best and how to properly set everything up so i can edit Color/Alpha within Cascade.


your elements are looking really good. reminds of Project: Jhin’s E ability from League of Legends.

there’s a good buildup and the anticipation works, however I don’t think the effect matches the impact, this might be because your blood elements are a bit small or your screen shake is to strong.

I would expect a much more impactfull effect after that screenshake.

Timing and Animation are in my opinion the most fun and important elements, you’ll know it’s good when you can hear the Audio in your head which in your case I can :smiley:

Hope this helps, keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for the input, much appreciated!

Your point about the impact not matching the screen shake is spot on, now that i’m looking at it myself it’s definitely true. I was thinking of perhaps switching out the small blood particles (or lessen the focus on them) and add some splashing/spraying at the bottom, perhaps using a splash texture with some alpha erosion.

Thanks again!


Been doing some more tinkering today.

Not really sure what to make of this, mostly more timing/sizing practice.

I was wondering if there is a module in cascade similar to “Circle”-shape emitter in Unity, as i initially wanted to spawn small smoke puffs along the edge of a circle instead of using a mesh emitter for the “smokering”.



That would be cylinder location module probably.
You can find out more here:


Gimil, perfect, thank you!

Also, didn’t have too much time to practice today, spent a couple of hours with Niagara Script which i feel have some seriously great potential even though it’s still pretty daunting.


Didn’t have as much time lately, but i’ve been trying out a few new things here and there. But mostly working on timing which i still feel can be improved a lot.

I’m also not super-satisfied with the way i’m handling UV preparations inside Maya before exporting my meshes. but that should come with a bit more practice.


Been trying to get better at Shaders the last couple of days. I find it really difficult to “convert” math formulas to a node-based flow. But with the help of a friend i think i’m getting the hang of it.