Ben Jennings - VFX Sketchbook

Heyo! I’m Ben, I usually work on Environment Concept Art, but I want to start exploring VFX. I found out about Real-Time VFX through a talk by Jason Keyser at Gnomon School a few years back, and now I want to learn more beyond that. Everything has been a ton of fun so far.

My portfolio can be found here:

I am still working on this Healing Effect, but going to be working and posting others soon. So far I have been working with Materials that have 2 Panners, a Mask, and Dissolve on a Material and instancing that.

Something that I have had trouble with for example is getting a dissolve to work without a Dynamic Parameter or finding solutions that don’t involve a dynamic parameter node. I was able to have Materials/Shaders with variables I can change in Unity’s VFX Graph, but I’m wondering if there’s something similar I can do with Unreal besides using Dynamic Parameter nodes.

yeah you can use a regular scalar parameter and then change it with a blueprint + timeline or a sequencer track. just out of curiosity why wouldn’t you want to use a dyna pam in this case?

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To be completely honest I just didn’t the variety of options that are available within Unreal. There’s nothing wrong with Dyna Pam from what I have been trying out though.

I’ll be looking into it more Blueprints, Timeline, and Sequencer options. I really appreciate this :smiley: !