Battler's VFX


Here are some effects that I have done. Any critique would be appreciated.


Hi Battler,

Some cool stuff going on here, got some critique for you…

Disintegration effect at 0:03: I feel the colours are a bit off, (its going green and pink). Bump up the emissive on it and give it a orange / red gradient, if its fire you’re going to need some glow on it. Maybe add some pluming smoke emitting along it too.

Water at 0:13: I feel you could add some flow and splashing effects emitting around the objects intersecting in the water . Good example of this is explained in this thread (Tidal Water Foam - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums).

Glowing cracks on the ground at 0:33: I would say the edges seem a bit sharp on the fire/glow appearing from the cracks, it might need some subtle opacity warping gradient on the edges to give it more of a flowing fire look. You could even add more fire/glow streaks fading in and out venting from the smaller cracks.

Sparking / Star cube at 0:37: The lightning sparks could be ALOT more rapid at spawning, maybe scale the stars down slightly, add some velocity to them so they shoot outwards with turbulence around the object also maybe trails? Again bump up the emissive too!

@15 secs. The post process appears way before the impact, this breaks the timing. (purple swipe, red impact).
You could try getting some extra blood fall to the ground here also, maybe add a decal or 2.