Battlerite Erosion UE4

Hi people,

Im trying to recreate this effect. Im having trouble with the erosion and the texture for it. In the game it starts to erode from the beginning to the end, and it has a smooth transition. Im trying to recreate this in UE4

Can someone share some knowledge on how to make this effect?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:



Here’s a starting point, look into making an alpha erosion effect:

this is how my texture looks like:


and this is how it looks animated:


To make it erode with some direction to it, you can multiply a gradient on the texture before you plug it into the erosion part. To create the texture, in substance designer you can draw a vector shape of it and use the distance node to get the inwards gradient. In photoshop, try the blending options, some of them might give you what you need.


Hey Bruno :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tip. Is it possible to use this setup for a hard edged texture of the ground cracks?
I’m trying but it doesnt give me that smooth transition.

What else can be added to this kind of setup, or generaly to erosion math?

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The effect you posted as reference seems to have at least two layers - The dark cracks on the ground and the glow coming out of them. So my suggestion would be to get one working at a time.
Try applying a power to your cracks’ texture before plugging it in to see how it changes the aspect!

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Yeah i see that there are different parts. Tried messing with power, but it doesn’t give that look.

What about using somekind of noise texture for this? Or do you think its just some kind of subtraction math?

Sorry for the questions, I can’t get my head around working it out :slight_smile:

Yes/no. It’s prob not any fancy math really; the nodes are remapping the colors so you need a range to make the dissolve nibble away. Think of it like tunning adjust-> levels in photoshop or adjust->curves

Use a softer texture like Bruno but remap rgba so that 0-1> outputs 1-2 then ‘saturate’ to clamp everything back to 1 and that will be hard edged… is this clear? But you still use the texture to store a wide range of the dissolve information.

Basically dont be afraid to push rgba above 1 [white] or below 0 [black] but just saturate after.

Thank you for the help! :smiley:

I managed to get the look i’m after, but im having trouble again with the direction of the erosion. I can understand the principle of using a gradient to map where it starts first, but cant get it to work right.

Where can i add that gradient in Bruno’s setup?

Hey guys,

I got it! :smiley:

Thanks for the replies, it really helped. I now have a better understanding of erosion :slight_smile:

eh… what? You are adding Erosion Amount to Alpha Erosion and in the next step, you subtract Erosion Amount which in the end is Alpha Erosion. Thus, you could just plug in Alpha Erosion into the divide node. Was this a test or something or did you cut out nodes from a more complex material and forgot to remove this? :sweat_smile:

Oops! I did make a mess. Fixed the post, thanks for the heads up!

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