Babysteps - DasBilligeAlien's Sketchbook

Since early childhood I have drawn explosions, laser, blood and dust. I never stopped being fascinated by imports and motion. Throughout my life, I was grabbed by the energy of visual effects as well the real life counterparts.

Hi, I am AL. Welcome to my sketchbook!

hamburger music starts playing

I am an art generalist with experience in graphic design and illustraiton. Though I have always made games as well. My strength is mostly in 2D work, but I want to improve my sill in the third dimension as well.
Currently, my goal is to make VFx for my personal entertainment and not to pursue it as a career.

Some stuff

As you can see I am mostly dabling in 2d VFX animation and cpncept art. I would like to try 3D VFX as well. But so far most tutorials are a bit boring and really should just try to do something for myself.

This whole endeavor will be very unfocused with experiments, tiny little tests and totally overscoped fails. If you want to join me there is always a place at this 3 fps campfire.