Baby's First Houdini Explosion

Spent some time over the long weekend learning some houdini basics, figured I would share the results!

Feedback appreciated!

hd video and breakdown on artstation:


The overall look seems correct as far as I see, but I have the feeling of the explosion being slow… :thinking:

Maybe a bit of timing for the initiation and release should be appreciated !
And some glowing sparks having a weird behavior on the center of the explosion :smile:

But overall, you did it great, well done !

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I really like how it looks like, especially the shape of the fire that diverges from the usual “single ball of fire going upwards”. One thing that would help with understanding how fast it should happen would be a scale reference. The size of explosion makes all the difference when it comes to the timing.

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That’s an interesting breakdown you’ve got there. Could you shed some light on why you decided to use a yellow tint in the texture? Doesn’t that waste channels, seeing as you tinted it again in the shader?

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The breakdown should look familiar, I learned it from your pluralsight course! :stuck_out_tongue: I loved how simple your materials were, hope you don’t mind me sharing the breakdown?

Thanks for pointing out that optimization error! I should have use a greyscale map there, no need for the wasted channels.

Loved your course by the way, the way everything was broken down into bite sized chunks was great, made the tutorial very easy to follow. Hope you find time to make more!

Thanks! I was wondering if I should add one… now I guess I know I should have! Will update it to have a scale ref soon.

Thank you! The timing I think is better on the video (on artstation), maybe? the GIF leaves little time before or after for file size sake.

And yeah, I just noticed some of those sparks are having a weird dance party in the middle, I’ll have to fix that :smiley: