Axelorio - Sketch #50

Haven’t joined one of these in quite some time so we’ll see how things goes. For now I’ve made a very rough sketch, gathered some refs and made a description of what I have in mind.

My first thought with this sketch was that I do NOT want to make any sort of projectile. Simply because it adds a lot more elements to keep in mind, and I want to keep this sketch on a sort of reasonable scale to ensure I’ll have the time to finish it.
So because of that I’ve decided to make the effect spawn around a totem/a construct of some sort.

Except for that the plan is to make it some sort of gravity pulling AoE, that ends with an abrupt suction of the inner parts and the residue is getting blown away.
Inspired by Chromie from HotS with a mix of some concept from Sarah Carmody is my starting plan when it comes to theme. Keeping it in the style of some golden space dust, with some color variation towards the core that I haven’t decided on yet to break up the color and make the “danger-zones” of the effect more readable.

So here’s a rough sketch with some refs & guidelines for what I’ve had in mind.


Just a first setup of it in UE4 with some of the core parts in it. Still lots of things missing + I need to find a decent totem mesh to use as a core so I can do some fun shader work on that too.