Assimby: Sketch #15 WIP

Latest update :

Hey, I decided to go for an explosion with a laser shot, here’s the current WIP :

I’m a bit stuck there, It feels off, but i’m not sure of what could be added/modified to make it look better :thinking:


Nice colours/motion, overall the animation is a bit too gentle for the build up and explosion.


  • The sphere that grows then contracts, don’t contract, just fade out as it grows (scale up fast intially for more pop)
  • The sparks and stars don’t really show up much on the impact (Too short lived/don’t break the silhouette much), almost like a bubble breaking rather than a strong explosion.
    Make them more ferocious (bigger size/stronger velocities/spawn over a few frames)…The size of the sparks from the laser source look good, use them!
  • Spawn the decal sooner, currently it only starts scaling in here: image
  • Don’t fade the decal immediately (change the fade out curve, or have it linger a bit longer)
  • You could try adding in more asymmetry:

Thanks for the great ideas, I’ve tried to follow them along with some other modifications, and here’s what I got now :

What do you guys think ?

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Really like the colors and the buildup & the laser!

I noticed that the stars are not super bright at the start but when they’re already outside of the explosion. Might be worth a try to make them bright from the start, as it’s they doesnt feel like they’re exploding out with a big force since I noticed them first when they’re outside of the explosion.

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Alright, made some modifications including what @Axelorio suggested, added some details on the build-up, and I think i’m close to what I envisioned first, so here’s what will probably be the final version of the effect:

What do you guys think ? I’m still taking feedbacks/ideas of course


I like it! Not sure if it’s necessary or would be an improvement but if you want you could always work more on the trails from the stars, so that they’re not just a flat color.