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Hello there ! Junior tech artist here ! I’m asked to do many VFX and shader in my work and I wanted to use this opportunity to show some of the results !

I’m looking for feedback and critics, I’m still quite new on the VFX department so anything that can help is tremendously appreciated.

My most recent work:


I made a Demo-reel of my past work !

I also made an Hyper Beam FX, inspired by Pokemon:

My entry for the Pixel perfect theme, I wanted to go full square/cube shaped !


And here are some more: A modulable shader that can pixelate:


And a projectile that would fit the previous “Cute magic” :smiley:


Thank you very much, I’ll see you guys soon :3


Hello !

I really like neon effects, and after watching your pixel perfect one, I think I have some feedback for you :

Your effect is made of 2 distinct parts; the red anticipation and the blue burst (with also some dissipation with these small particles)
For me, it seems like these two main parts are not bound and the only thing they have in common are their cube shapes.

What can you do to link them better ?

I would say, try to play with colors for example. Your parts are both monochromatic and maybe they lacks from some secondary elements with complementary colors (square particles?), or some shades, darker versions, etc… It’s up to you to play with the things that you prefer, there is no an unique “perfect” result :wink:

The square shapes are nice and fits well with the theme, however your fading particles at the end are a bit too small and their motion with some random direction brings some chaos to your effect (that could be a nice thing to have in some classic explosion, fire, etc… but in your effect everything is made of squares and nothing is going in that chaotic way); this kind of secondary element is nice to have, but they should amplify the global motion & feeling of your main parts : 4 clusters of cubes going in 4 directions, scaling up then down with some randomness like beat equalizer bars (sounds nice :musical_note: ).

Your burst happening at the center is one big block of squares, and it should have more attention : the fact that it blends with the 4 clusters of squares is really nice, but maybe you need to add another element to it to make it more like the powerful “center” of your effect; this could be achieved with secondary elements and/or changing something with the colors, because actually all the squares of the central block are expanding the same way with the same timing.

Another thing you can think about is the transition beteen the two phases : you can choose to make it quite seamless, or wait like 1 second before the burst to explode. Right now, your red anticipation is scaling down but you can exaggerate it. Don’t be afraid of making amplified anticipations :+1:

About motion & timing of your effect : on the first part, you decided to make a rotation on this little square, but this is the only thing having a rotation in your effect, maybe there’s a cool link to create between the anticipation rotation and the burst ? Imagine if the 4 square bursts were rotating too, that could be nice ! Or think about something completely different, instead of the rotation.
Also, I feel like your anticipation could be less linear and faster, this cube scaling up to the top is too slow (except if it symbolizes some gameplay feature), and could have a better motion to make it feel more “dangerous”, or more “satisfying”, or even something else, it depends on what feeling you want to send to the potential players of your potential game q:
Advice : play with curves a lot !

Timing is a cool science, and by far my favorite of all the domains that vfx can cover. Keep in mind that with this kind of effect (no textures, no complex shaders, no game background to integrate your effect, etc…) timing is one of your best friends to make a great effect that appeals the players and give to them the feelings you want to share.

One of my favorites videos is this awesome series about the 12 principles of Animation by Alan Becker. It should brings you a lot of really cool knowledge, and these principles will always be useful for every vfx artist ever, and even more if you create some animated sprite sheets by hand.

Well, I hope I don’t forget anything important !

Also, if you plan to participate to future vfx sketchs, you should create a new topic and post your work in progress ! People here really like to see how you can bring an idea and build around it until you have a final result.

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions :smile:


This is some high quality feedback, thank you very much !

I’ll work on improving it once I have the time !


Okay, I’m now ready to show my progress on EXPLOSIONS (capslock is mendatory when mentionning EXPLOSIONS).

It is nice to see some progress made over the past weeks. However I still need more work to achieve the true EXPLOSION

Here goes the V1

Now the V2

And the V3 !

And now for the final, that include screenshake !

It was a lot of fun, any feedback is greatly appreciated :3

Edit: Re-recorded the V4 version with less yellow tinted background :smiley:


Niiice @Asminae !

Is it me or the background is a bit yellowish? I’d try to desaturate it since color is context sensitive and that could affect your VFX.

Have you tried adding a light to the system so it lights up the environment?

Having a big flash / bloom / glow in the explosion frame could help reaching that EXPLOSION feeling you’re after.

Nice to see the iteration

Loved the V1 and V4 with cam shake :slight_smile:

Hey ! I’ll definitely take that into account for my production next time.

As for the lighting, I’m currently working on the LWRP which doesn’t allow dynamic lighting…it’s a good suggestion tho, I’ll see if i can have some way to implement the idea for my future VFXs :smiley: Post process might play a role in this !

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I’ve been wanting to reproduce some nice VFX, this is one of the result :slight_smile:

I wanted to be faithful, but not reproduce it 100% perfectly. I want to work on something bigger next time.
The reference:


Time for THUNDER !


I’ll start working on the intro, feel free to give me feedback, I’m looking for them :smiley:

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And here goes my most recent version, now with a proper intro


maybe add some uv distortion for the lightning?

superb :slight_smile:

here I found a cool reference, this might help you :slight_smile:

@GregorySilva made nice VFX


This isn’t much, but I’ll need to move on with this thunder FX

Here is the last version, I brought some UV distortion as suggested :slight_smile:


Looks amazing… Mind blowing effect bro.

I’m really digging the second effect, the little cubic shapes morphing outwards in the second part is awesome!

Thanks for sharing ;3

Hey guys, I made a Demo Reel for my past months of work, have a look ! :slight_smile:


Aaaaand a fun shader I made. It was a lot of trial and error but i am quite happy with the result !