Asminae: Sketch #25 Heal (Done !)

Hi ! This is my (Working in progressing) black healing ! It is meant to be a black hole, that heals !

So…here goes nothing !


In terms of gameplay, think of Bard’s healing, a standing collectible that anyone can grab, that gets stronger overtime before disappearing.
My main reference was the Star guardian VFX’s as a baseline.


My goal now is to make a nice outro ! I feel like i should try to make it “More healy” perhaps ?
Any feedback will greatly be appreciated :3

Here is an earlier iteration on the VFX


And here goes another one !


(On a side note, I had trouble uploading the gif, compressing it enough to make it less than 4mb, does anyone now a simple way to upload gifs in an optimised way ?)


Here is the final version ! It’s the first time I really took the time to push the quality, enjoy :slight_smile:



Hey @Asminae!

That effect looks quite interesting. Which was the hardest part in the making of it?

A few days ago, @Spyro shared a helpful website to solve that!

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The toughest part for me, clearly was the design. I had to iterate a lot just to figure where to go next. I think I should take the time to design and story board it, next time but it’s clearly out of my comfort zone.

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Hey just letting you know your post isn’t under the Challenge section!
also Amazing work!