Asking for feedback

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here and the reason for that is that I don’t think my works deserve to be here among all these cool effects. They’re just not on a high enough level to share it with others but after talking to my team and asking for their advice I get to the conclusion that if I don’t get feedback from the professionals of this industry I’m never going to grow and I’m just gonna remain the same novice coward that I am :sweat_smile: … so I would really appreciate it if u could give me your honest opinions.
also, just a quick background summary, all of these have been made with unity 2018.4.3f. These effects are for low-end mobile devices and there is no custom Shader in any of them(except the green tank in the menu :upside_down_face:) I have around 4 years of experience in VFX and that’s where I started the game development. I just jumped down on VFX and started the self-learning process :3
And another thing I’ve been learning about shaders just recently and ill definitely share my future works here as well from now on.
I will share two separate videos. one of them is the chosen bullet type that I think is the best one that I’ve made and the other is a look at our tank explosion after their defeat and their looks in the main menu of the game. I’ve also animated everything my self that’s why they don’t look super clean cuz I just started to learn about animations 4 months ago.

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These are awesome dawg. Love the look. The only feedback that comes to mind is maybe some more eases on the assets that drift into the air. The poison cloud skull for instance, might look cooler if it slowed in its ascent. maybe like a mushroom cloud

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ty for the feedback. there are two problems with that. first one is that this game is an online trun-based game so I can’t put a lot of time in the particle life times or fading outs. and the second problem is that im really bad at drawing so i can’t do the mushroom with a hand painted technique. but i will try to do that just for my self aside from the game limitations. i will send another video tomorrow

how about now? :eyes:


Wow thats sick. out of curiousity, since i know this is just a practice effect, would this be an expensive fx if you were using it for mobile? theres a lot of cool elements going on

ty so much. im gonna make it better till next week based on other advices on discord channel so it will be huge help if u say opinion again by then :3
not really at least in my experience with mobile only two things mess the performance. noises(any complex math like noise)
and ui elements. specially gui in unity. it is so scary evertime i try to add a mask to a ui im just waiting for everything to explode xD