Artstation Contest : Dragon's Rise : The Forgotten Realms [Winners Announced!]

Dragon’s Rise : The Forgotten Realms

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Image : Darryl Cokes II

Jason Keyser and SmearKees are organizing a contest over on ArtStation.
The design section (*Concept Art) is running until August 15, with a production section running from then until October 24.

This is a great chance to flex your VFX muscles, and get feedback from some of the industry’s best.
Check out the full details here :

VFX Design Brief
In this Challenge you will create fx concept art for two (2) magic abilities that fit within the theme of Dragon’s Rise: The Forgotten Realms. For each magic ability, you’ll show at least three stages (spell wind-up, climax, and dissipation) and use one distinct real-world element per ability (electricity, air, fire, ice, magma, light, water etc.) and magical theme (e.g. arcane, whimsical, dark magic, druidic, etc.).


Yes! The response we’ve seen over there is super exciting. A ton of inspiring work from the broader Artstation community, as well as our own. Really excited to see them do this again in future years as well.

The winners have been announced !

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