Artistic Principles of VFX

True enough, true enough. Regardless, doesn’t stop my drive to try and get into VFX. Learning from what few descriptive tutorials for UE4 I can find is kiiinda hard, but making explosions is my dream darn it, I will achieve it! But really, thanks so much for these videos, its a huge help.

Jason! This is great!

Thank you so much for always putting in the extra effort to help people learn! I appreciated all your help when I was in school, and even now that I’m working, I still look forward to all the stuff you put out!

I always love it when you say this in your tutorials :smiley: Happy to read that in write-up as well


i was going to a little trip without internet so i downloaded almost all of @Keyserito videos and therefore had to open 20 youtube videos and save them. basically i have heard 20 times “oh hey guys” within 5 minutes :smiley: what can i say, still love it :smiley:


Amazing, thanks a lot!

I did some little scenes/exercises regarding those principles:


These are just such great videos. I watch them twice through and took about six pages worth of notes. Now when I see certain VFX, I can tell what works, and what doesn’t. Thanks so much for making these, Jason.

So glad they’re a benefit to you! It’s funny… I was recently asked what common mistakes I see in portfolios, and/or vfx tests when people apply, and it’s always a failure at 3 or more of these principles (not a hard rule, just a rough generalization). If someone demonstrates mastery in at least 3, and some promise in the remaining 2, we’re typically happy to consider them.

If you think about it, the whole lot, spanning such a large spectrum of skills, is a ton to expect from just one person, yet we see the bar ever-increasing with every new impressive effect coming out.

Heck, I often find myself struggling to get every principle working simultaneously in the new effects I make. I think maybe I should re-watch and take my own notes too! With more knowledge out there comes more need to keep pace.

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This is very good advice, and should help when I get to the point of building a portfolio. Thanks, Jason! Also, sorry for the late reply. I’m still figuring out these forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic, these videos are great!
Thank you!!!

Glad you like 'em! :^D