Artist Wiki For You

Hello everyone. Something that has been discussed and that I have begun putting together is a wiki resource for artists to use. The Wiki I put together is filled with general knowledge throughout the entire art process, but it contains information gleaned from here and other sources on real time vfx and Unreal Engine. There is a lot I still do not know and understand as a beginner in vfx, but I feel comfortable sharing it with the community. You can find the wiki here. If there are any errors, omissions, or topics you would like tackled or have a resource for, please feel free to reach out to me so that I may add it. I am certain there is much that could be added.

An important note is that this wiki is not intended to replace the forums or the community. There is nothing like real feedback from the awesome folks that are around here. It is merely intended to be a quick place to look for some info if you need it.

To the Unity folks, I apologize for not having more (any really) information in the Unity specific subsection. It is not something I have had time to tackle and, as someone that concentrates in Unreal Engine primarily, it is not something I am overly familiar with either. Feel free to pummel me with suggestions and resources so that I may fill that section out.


IIRC Unity will be refactoring the rtvfx pipeline(s) in the coming year(s) with their new **Scriptable render pipeline, although the LightWeightRenderPipeline seems like it integrates at the moment with 2018.x it is still not clear to me exactly what is coming, but some more info

EDIT : (info consolidation) - here it is :smiley: Unity Visual Effect Graph | Create Beautiful VFX in Real-time

Their particle system (Shuriken) may undergo no change
SRP/node system will be introduced with graphing interfaces and modules – Shuriken could be deprecated years later if the SRP can interface for lightweight deployment

  1. legacy - no longer supported with Unity_2018.3

  2. shuriken - their particle simulator

  3. animator/timeline - the timeline/keyframe system that can be used to both animate assets and augment shuriken

  4. shader graph {github} and the blog

  5. the SRP system being built out as outlined above** which seems more for HighDefRenderPipelines

  6. misc toolbox tools such as image sequencer


@JEmerson that’s an amazing initiative!
Thank you for doing that, i’m positive that this is helpful for the community.
You deserve more than just a digital :cookie: ! but that’s the least I can offer you as appreciation :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for this! :slight_smile: