Archies Sketchbook. Feedback and comments welcome


Rather than constantly spam the forum with every new piece of work I create I thought it would be better to compile my work into a single post. Im currently working on a water shader which can be seen below. The concept behind it is that it is deep lake water that has a gust of wind blowing against it. Any feedback or criticism is welcome. :slight_smile:

Still somethings I need to work out. It was a revision of a previous shader I had created which I decided to change based on feedback. The previous shader can be see n at 43 seconds in the link below. Hopefully there is a noticeable improvement. This link also contains a collection of my previous work. :slight_smile:

Again, all comments and feedback welcome.

Thanks guys

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Added to the water shader. Changed the normal sizes and the speed of which they are moving at as well as lowering down their displacement. Hopefully it’s resulted in a better look.

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Back learning and making VFX again after a short break. Experimented making a projectile with Unity and the shader graph. Still very basic stuff but hopefully I’m making some progress. Feedback is always welcome. :slight_smile:

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I like the movement, goodjob ! Maybe try to dissolve the gradient from the projectile in a more non symmetrical way, I think this will change alot :smiley:

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Thanks for you feedback :slight_smile: By the gradient do you mean the rotating trails?

For this next effect i took something that had been created by someone else and used it as a template and tried to recreate the effect inside another game engine.

The link below is a rather cool effect created in Unreal by forum local @Niels :

With his permission, i set off to create something similar to what he had created but instead of using Unreal I created the effect in Unity using a combination of Shader Graph and Shuriken. Below is the result:

I believe my attempt is lacking some of the complexities that Wyvery managed to achieve but I learned a hell of a lot using his work as a template. So many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

As always feedback and comments welcome. :slight_smile:


Been working on this over the past few weeks. Not to sure how I feel about it. Wasn’t easy but I learned a lot from it. Once again always open to comments and feedback.

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Hi Archie, nice work I really like the textures and stylization of your waterfall.

one thing that puts me off is the speed of it, i’d expect more water to fly off the first edge and some stronger foam & ripples.

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Here is my attempt at making a weapon trail. Still a WIP but thought i’d post my current progress.

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Made this hologram as a little test.

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Added more to my hologram effect. Hopefully looking a bit nicer now:

Been busy the last few months (and mainly using the discord) but thought i’d upload some of the stuff i’ve been working on recently.

The top three effects are a little older. Bottom two are my most recent. Still a couple things i’d like to add to these so consider them a WiP.