Arcane Attack [WIP]


Hey there! I’ve been working really hard toward working on my skills in VFX. I’m still new and trying to learn a good workflow. I’ve been working on an arcane themed attack in Unity this week and I’m fairly happy with how things are going along so far. Any critiques and comments are welcomed! I’d love to hear pointers from others. C:

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Hard to tell what’s going on, does the charge up (shrinking part) do damage or is it more just an indicator that somethings going to happen?

My thought process was that the shrinking portion of the effect was to be the indicator that something is about to happen in that radius. Kind of like a “charge up” before the real blast. Since you’re finding it hard to tell whats going on, what recommendations do you have for me that I can do to make it more obvious? I really appreciate the feedback!

Lower saturation so it doesn’t glow as much, different color might work. If you look at the effects side by side it should be a clear, visual difference between them.
I’d also try to connect them more with each other, as it’s there’s nothing at all between the charge up and the blast, add something that creates a smoother transition. Maybe just have shorten the time and have some lingering glow on the ground between them or something.

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