AoE Shield for First Person Game

Working on an area of effect shield that I want to fit a stylized first person game (first or third person).

I am new to shaders so I wanted to work with something relatively basic to start practicing.


Looks like you got the basic of it my friend. Now i would say, push it further, make it to work in gameplay. this is where shaders become complex and cool at the same time. Try to make it do a wave form in a collision hit point. Or glow on edge when interfering with other object . Or cool spawning effect.


Currently it glows when an object moves through it, what I would like to also add is some form of small glow/flash when it gets shot around the impact point too.

I believe I have an idea on how to do that, I’ll post an update soon!

well I don’t use unreal, but the idea to get it with unity is to attach a script on the shield mesh. Then get from the collider the collision point. The hit point it saves with vector3 in the shader itself. after having this vector3 as a position you can play with it and draw on that spot. good luck man :slight_smile: keep us updated.