Any one can help about the refraction?

i use refraction to make my effect can get the distortion like left side in the preview in Niagara .
but the problem is when i put i in the game side ,the refraction will become very strong and that is unexpected,

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i think it is affect by distance between my camera and particles , when i set my camera very close to my particle the refraction value is what i want .


any one konw any way i can get the same result like left side whatever my camera in any place ?

Hi @Zihao_Feng,

usually the refraction preview should not be different as in the scene.
If you can share your shader tree I can look on it.

Cheers Emre

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If you want the refraction to change depending on the camera distance you can just add a ‘CameraDepthFade’ node and use that to lerp between two refraction values. It will not look perfect at all times, but might achieve a result you’re happy with.

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