Anton Dessov - VFX Sketchbook

Hi everyone, thought I show some work I do in my spare time for fun. I’d love to hear some feedback, as I’d like to improve and get some stuff on my portfolio :slight_smile:

A quick, flashy explosion

An effect inspired by Blazblue

A big fire explosion

An attack for an ice creature

I am working on a system to procedurally pump out stylized meshes that can be used with a cel shader in Unreal for various effects. There’s still a lot of stuff to finish and my tool isn’t really ready, but this is sort of the result I am going for :smiley:

Let me know what you guys think, happy to hear feedback!

Hey Anton!

Cellshaded smoke is looking interesting! Be cool to see it on a looping fire or a big explosion.

With the ice attack,

  • When it spawns, have some debris come up with it (as if it’s displaced some ground)
  • Try adding some residual dry ice style clouds (to make it feel colder)
  • Go for more variety in shape+size of the ice shards (currently too similar in height/thickness).
  • At the end try having it break away into big ice chunks or retract back into the ground.

Hey, thanks man :slight_smile:

For the celshading, I’ll have to experiment more, it might turn into an awesome thing, but I am still struggling with Houdini, so it’s going slow :smiley:

I’ll get on the ice feedback as soon as I have time this week