AnthonyDavisVFX: Sketch #7 WIP

As the topic is slightly more open than the previous sketches and I have a bit more time on my hands, I wanted to get in on this one. The problem is that I have an idea that might not sit well with the community as it’s a bit odd.

So, before I push into the strange version, I wanted to post and see what the community thinks.

When I read “Death’s Mark”, my first thought was literally a guy named Mark (maybe a name tag) where death would summon his Mark. Now, this sounded amusing but didn’t fall under what I think the community was going for so I had another idea instead.

My second idea is where Death (portrayed as grim reaper) peeing on a wall… leaving his mark. This inherently sounds a bit lewd. My reasoning behind this would be that I haven’t ever done a peeing effect or really any good liquids so this would be new territory. There won’t be any Age of Conan bit flopping about, this would be light hearted from behind the reaper really just for laughs but to still fit the “Death’s Mark” role.

I can understand if this may not fit the community as it’s a bit strange, but I wanted to run it by everyone first. If it’s not kosher, then I am down for making a different style for sure!



Haha, that’s awesome. If it’s ≤ PG-13 then by all means, fulfill the challenge however you see fit! :smile:

We are talking about creative expression, I’d say go for it.
If something gets too… adulty, you could always upload a version of the effect in which you additionally emit black censorship bars :stuck_out_tongue:

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Go for it dude, this is cool ! And yes as @Luos_83 said, black censorship bars could be fun ! Good luck !