“Anna: Sketch #32”

Final entry

It’s in the references, but just in case, the 3d model of the glove it’s not mine. (CadNav)

Original post:

Hi, I’m Anna. I’ve been in this forum for a while, but I’ve never done one of these… and I think it’s time.

My first idea was to redo from scratch and old lot box effect, but then… I think I prefer to try something new. So I’ll be doing a “funny” loot box.

The idea is to have a cartoon, surprise and prank loot box. Inside there will be a boxing glove that will pop out with confetti and finally break the camera screen.

Forgive me for my poor drawing skills (still like a like a 5 year old)


I hope I have the time to finish this in time, and that this fits the rules of the sketch.


Heeeeeeey Anna! :joy:

Nice to see you participating in this sketch. Let’s see what you come up with! :sparkles:

If you ever need something you know where to find me huehuehue have fun!

I’ve been thinking more about the effect, and since I don’t have magic I was wondering how to approach this. I’m going to add effects to the feeling of movement and emotions, like traditional 2D. I’ve updated the references (first post, to keep everything organized).

For now, I have a blocking scene:

  • Model of the box. For the glove I’m using these one.
  • Confetti blocking effect.
  • Basic scene in Unreal set up: I’m using physics to add a force to the top part for now, because it was faster.

The next step is to create basic bones for the box and create the animations (cast and open box).


Model and Texturing of the box are done. Also the rig. I’m not an animator so I knew it was going to be hard for me. Getting the spring to work with bones has been challenging because of deformations. I tried different methods, but I’m using a driver in the end (using this tutorial).

The star on the front face of the box will work with shaders and particles.

I’ve change the model of the glove for these one.

There is a lot of room for improvement in the animation, but for now I want to work on the effects.
The next step is importing into Unreal, and doing the particle systems.


Setting up animation with blueprint and curves for the material (star and screw).

Still a lot of work to do.


Added screen shakes to the camera. Added hit to camera and fall.


This has come along great - the screen shatter and fall really help sell the impact (both visually and aesthetically)!

Final entry


I thought I would have more time to do this sketch. The animation part was challenging as I’m not an animator, and I feel that a lot of improvement can be done with stretching and tumbling the box while charging. As for the effects, I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted. I haven’t worked with flipbooks too much, so this has been a learning experience. Overall, I think it’s something with potential, but far to be impressive.


This is cool! :slight_smile: I like your idea and your final entry. Poor camera man at the end xD :movie_camera: