Anime/Manga Stylized VFX by heavy use of geometry

Here is a little summary of the best stylized anime/manga fx i’ve see so far. There’s a little more in the videos of the author:


sadly his English is very poor, but Akihito is a really friendly person. if you have any questions he always tries his best to answer them.

Perhaps we should get a list of questions, get them translated, let Akihito answer them, and… well… translate em back.

/me shakes fist at language barriers.


This is awesome stuff, i’ve always wanted to explore this type of fx. Fx in anime always looks so cool, the exaggerated movements/colors made them feel so impactful.


His stuff is pretty neat! I bought all the lil books but I don’t understand anything ahaha

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This looks so fantastic! Didn’t know how to approach this type of stylization, yet.

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Really great effects, really nice to see that 3d can be so well looking in an animesque style.
Too bad we can’t communicate quite that well with the VFX artist communities in China/Japan.
Using google translate for cgwell and so on for now I guess…

/me shakes fist at language barriers as well.


These effects are fantastic. I’d love to know what his construction and optimization workflow is for these meshes

Here are his books:

If you click on ‘look inside’ you can see a few pages, that might give some ideas.


Yeah, thats something what i also would like to now, i think one of the hardest challanges are to do 2d style in 3d space…thank you for this post!!! :slight_smile:

The author of this book is another person.


You’re right, I got all confused there. Thanks for pointing out! :slight_smile:

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