Amplify Shader Editor--how to create shader like this?

Does anybody know how to create shader like this?
I don’t have any ideas about that.
Thanls for help!!!

Looks like nothing special :man_shrugging:

Im not sure what it material suppose to be, but looks kind like a cloth,
So probably there some basecolor*fresnel. Or its just lighting in those particular scene.

thanks for help!
i will try!


This looks like a straight forward PBR material. The “magic” are some good textures that look like cloth/fabric.
Having a good roughness, normal and AO map will get you near this.

You could create something like this using Substance or look online. There are plenty of free or cheap texture packs out there.

Or do you mean something in particular in this picture? (I just assume by the picture, but you did not explain at all)

I saw it in a Unity plugin and thought I could do it with Shader.

Ah, okay. It is about anisotropic reflection (or sometimes called anisotropic highlighting).

This isn’t that easy to achieve properly in my opinion. You could use a map, similar to a normal map, to fake it. (there are some code snippets and tutorials if you google it)
There is a whole bunch of physic math going into it and some render knowledge is required.
Actually, I would suggest buying the non-hair version for under 20bucks and just look through the code to learn what is going on.

Probably not the answer you wanted to hear :frowning:

Thank you, my friend. I originally wanted to buy this Asset, but it seems that it hasn’t been updated for a long time.
Thank you for your guidance. Have a nice day.