Amplify Shader Editor and VFX Graph

Hey y’all I’m super new to Realtime VFX and I was just going through Sirhaian’s intro to Unity series when I ran into a snag. I’m trying to replicate his series which is built upon Shuriken and Shader Forge to Amplify Shader Editor and VFX Graph, but I don’t see any way to apply the ASE shaders I’ve created to the particles generated by VFX Graph. Are these two just incompatible? I only see options for inserting Shader Graph Shaders. I wanted to apply a material using my ASE shader to my particles but I dont see that function anywhere.

Also I’m using Unity 2019.4.1f1 so I don’t even see the option to use the Shuriken system either.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for now. This feature seems to work very close with Shader Graph and I don’t know if it could be implemented in ASE one day.

Currently you’ll need to use VFX Shader Graphs and enable “experimental shader externalization” in your editor settings.