Amplify cloth shader sparkle

I tried to make a dress that sparkles and has the same texture as video.but nothing i do works. im working in Amplify shader editor. And if someone knows what to do, thanks a lot for the help!bandicam%202_clip

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Hey @moying!

You could use a perlin noise panning texture, masked out by a “glittery” texture. Then, you can add it on top of your main cloth texture.

You could even lerp the intesity of those sparkles using a fresnel node!

I hope I was clear enough. Do you need me to recreate the shader and share it with you?

Great, if you have time to create it


There you go!

:computer_mouse: Download it by clicking here :computer_mouse:

The .unitypackage contains:

  • 1 Shader
  • 1 Material
  • 2 Textures

I made it so you can tweak the sparkles color, intensity, flickering speed, tiling, etc.

Here’s how you can approach creating a “sparkle” texture in Photoshop:

Create a new layer with a solid color and go to “Filter > Noise > Add Noise”.

Go to “Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur”. A radius of 3 pixels should be right.

Create an “Levels” adjustment layer and tweak the threshold.

Now, go to “Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask”. This will sharpen the resulting shapes.

Go to “Filter > Other > Offset” and offset it both horizontally and vertically by the size of your image divided by 2.

Create a selected region by using the “Rectangular Marquee” tool (shortcut M). Right click on the selected region, and select “Fill”. Select the “Content Aware” option. This will clean the seams up to create a seamless texture.

Now for the shader. This is how I did it:

Hope I was helpful! :alien:


Thank you very much!!!:partying_face:

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