Amesy: Sketch #17 WIP

Final result!

Hey Everyone!

First post here on RT VFX and figured I’d jump in on the challenge at the very last moment!
I’ve been working on a pool shader in unity the last week, so I’m trying to convert it to work as a river.


I’ve talked a little about making this on my blog if anyone is interested. :slight_smile:


Used my lunch break to make a really quick river model. If I have time I’ll make something better but the clock is ticking!

Some WIP shots of the shader here.

welcome to the forum! the poolshader looks nice :slight_smile: looking forward seeing what you’re going for!


Added a blur and brighter details to the texture, some colour variation to the main body and normals, as well as some edits to the fresnel.

I got a suggestion to make it look like “anime water” so decided to give that look a go!


Thanks Simon :slight_smile:

very nice! if you distortion your uvs a little bit with a big/soft gray scale texture, you can get a bit more wobbly-motion to the water-pattern. could add a nice touch.

Thanks! Great idea, added it this morning in a rush before work.

Was hoping to get some more done but almost the deadline so going to grab a decent video at work today and call it there. Next time I’ll join with some time to spare I think…



this adds a lot. hm … is it possible that your distortion-texture is compressed? you can try to set it to vector…thingie…this setting where the texture does NOT get compressed but and use a very small size (e.g. 128x128) to get smoother distortion without any artefacts. but i might be wrong here. looks great though!

Final result! A lot I still want to do on it but I’ll do that after the sketch challenge is over.

@simonschreibt Have imported uncompressed and its a little better, but still a tad funky. Did some not great quick edits to the texture at a fairly low res which hasn’t helped. Reckon I’ll do new textures for it in the future and look at compression properly then. Thanks for the advice!


Hehe, I really like your “anime water shader” - looks pretty cool :slight_smile:

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