Alpha sorting problems in shader (Amplify)

Hello everyone,

I have a default Surface shader in Amplify and I’m having issues with the alpha as you can see below:

On some computers it looks ok (the only common denominator I could find was that those are Windows with Nvidia cards, and this computer is a Mac with a Radeon AMD. Building for Android devices also shows this problem. This is my current setup, which is rather vanilla.

As an added note, if I assign the model the defaul Unlit/Transparent shader it shows like this:

Thank you in advance!

your render queue; tagged == geo (top image)
try alpha test (or transparent)

also you’ll likely need ZTest to be on as the meshs will be blending (bottom image issues shows this)

but imo separate the mat/shader for sorting efficiency, geo and alpha… two different types to do what they do best

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