Alexander Karlsson: TGT Competition WIP

Hi everybody :blush:

Here is my WIP. I still have a bunch to do and hopefully I will have enough time in the weekend to do the rest. I am not satisfied with my textures, so I will focus on that next :slight_smile:

I am inspired by the Half-Life 2 Energy ball (Energy Ball | Half-Life Wiki | Fandom), which would dissolve the victim on impact and then I added a bit of digital twist to it as well.

I hope you like the progress so far :peace:


Looks great,but the final particles look a bit messy.:grinning:

You have some really cool looking circuitry in the beginning, feels awesome! This is super clean! I’m assuming the end is what you haven’t really focused on yet, but just for the sake of it, +1 magicianL’s comment :grin:

Nice start!

So aside from updating this texture, you could try to add some pulses going through the circuitry to vary the width:

These chunks could flow better from the glowing cube dissolve, maybe start these out just as bright before cooling:

Maybe get some low frequency circuitry running through the chunks also (if it doesn’t make it too cluttered).

That is some really good ideas! Thanks for helping me improve it :slight_smile:

Yeah, I thought they gave a great impact, but it is is a mess and it is kinda hard to see what is going on. Thanks for your reply.

Alright, thank you :slight_smile: I am on it, hopefully the end can feel just as clean as the start when I am done with it.

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Did some changes during the weekend. I hope y’all like the changes.
It has been fun to participant in this competition and see all the crazy ideas and great visual effects. Let the best VFX’er win! :sunglasses:



Dude! I loved this one! So simple, so Zeldaish…
Really awesome style, congratz mate! =]

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I love Zelda and it’s effects. So thanks a lot for the compliment :slight_smile:

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