Adrien "Nascaa" Pietras : Sketch #25 Root

Hi !

Here is my very first entry in the RTVFX Challenges and I’m glad to “meet” you !
My Name is Adrien and I’m a French VFX artist since 3 years now.

For this Sketch #25, I choose the Root effect.

I don’t have a lot of stuff for you at this time but I planed to make a Dark fantasy effect inspired by the manga Berserk. It wiil be a rotten/corrupted/dead ground with many arms who wants to catch the player body to pull the character in their dead world.

you can watch my first WIP of an animation of those arms, made in 3ds max.

I hope you enjoy the idea ! :grin:

If you have any advices, it will be a pleasure for me to read them.
I’m excited to show further WIP !

This is my Final Version !!


Hi everyone.
A small update.
I made 3 differents animations and made a intersection fade Shader.
This is a quick preview in Unity.

I tried to make a cone shape but it’s not easy…
Still a lot of work to do but the idea is here.


Hey !
Here are some adjustment I made about the animation.
I started to add my “dead ground” and just added a particle system. The idea is to make an effect like Silent Hill (the first movie), when the alarm ring and every start to rot.

It starts to look cool but it’s realy far away of what I want.
Thx @HAlis for his VFX Master Shader tutorial !
Still open to advices :wink:


New Update !
I wanna make something more wierd and trash so I added a plane with veins animated with the material.
I made it with Amplify Shader Editor and here is how it works :

With some particles I wanna make an effect like the ground is burning, it’s disolving.
Then it’s my last Version for the moment


Update !
I added more particles to give more impact to the FX and and also added bubble to reinforce the Rotten effect.


I’m really enjoying seeing this develop but one thing that stands out is that you have several black clumps on one particle rather than one clump per particle. You can see quite clearly that they’re all rotating as one, maybe do more individual bits rather than a sheet?

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I understand what you are saying and I agree with you. I wanna make something like a big piece of ground who fly away and burn but in my case it’s too exaggerated.
I will try with smaller particle.

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To be precise, it’s these things I’m talking about:


They are one particle, it should be one per blob :slight_smile:

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Oh OK! I see! I will do something! :slight_smile:

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Well !
With @Urgaffel Advices, I remade my black disolve particle texture in order to have one clumps instead of many, and I reduce the particles size. The billboard is less visible and it’s better like that :slight_smile:

Now I have a problem :frowning:
Because of the arms animation and delay between them, I think the time when the character is root and when he is free is not obvious… If we think “gameplay”, it’s not clear for the player.
I’m not really inspired about what I can do but I made something like a Blood Spiral around the character (like a chain constriction) but now I think the VFX look messy :woozy_face:

Do you have the same feelings / thoughts ? Do you have any Idea ? (I still have to make arms texture)

Here is how the effect looks for now.

Thx for your help :slight_smile:


I agree, it’s a bit messy now. I’d say turn off all the extra elements and then add them in one by one and see if they’re really needed. For me, the glowing bits floating up aren’t really needed and the sparks live too long. The bursting bubbles don’t really add anything to the effect either in my opinion, it doesn’t feel like they’re needed.

The swirly blood sweep is moving downards but at the same time you have misty blood-like particles floating upwards (not the black eroded clumps) so you have contradictory movements. There’s also the black eroding clumps that float upwards.

Something that could help with readibility would be to adjust the colours a bit. The arms get a bit lost against the dark ground decal. I love the veins/tendrils though so it’s just the colour. Maybe make the area a bit smaller?

I’ve marked the dead space here:

I can see that making it smaller could cause problems with the arms but for the majority of the effect, it’s unused space.

Hope this helps.


Thx for your advices! I will try something asap!

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Hi Everyone !
I finally found time to work on my VFX and here is my final version !
with @Urgaffel advices, I make a smaller area to delete the useless zone. Then I reduces drasticaly the number of particle. All emitter are still here to keep intensity and density but they are more discret to keep the effect readable.
I keep the Blood Spiral but make it more thin by tweeking the desolve parameter.
I add animations to the character (idle, hit and root animation) and I quickly make a texture with a gradient for the arm.
here is the arm.

I hope you will enjoy this VFX and thank you for helping me improve it.

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Great job! It looks really good. How do you feel about the changes?

It’s scary and good VFX, but you can do better! I like the smoke around the character, but you deleted it.
Here is cool reference for you (time 0:46):

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I agree with you but a need to find the good values for my smoke to not hide my arms.
Thank for the reference! It’s a really nice effect!

Thank you for your feedbacks ! My effect looks so much better and It’s more efficient!

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