Adiyars' - VFX Sketchbook (8)

Hey! My name is Adiyar.

I’ve mentioned that most of people make sketchbooks here, so I decided to follow this practice as well :grin: :sweat_smile:, I think it’s going to be fun.

Currently (Mar 2023) i’m workin at Sperasoft inc. on mobile AAA fighting project.
Previously I’ve been working at Playrix - Wildscape match3 project and before that I was a part of a smaller studio based in Saint Petersburg, called GreenPixel.

Hoping to find new friends and connections in our small Realtime VFX world :heart: :grin:

I have an Instagram account where I post most of my completed effects:

Also I have a Youtube channel, planning to publish some more content in the nearest future :yum::


Trying to make some kind of this stuff from Returnal (4)

Func1 - Fly from init pos to sampled pos (7)
Func2 - fly back to sampled pos (6)

Thanks to distance field :heart_eyes:


Some attempts to make a VectorField via Niagara particles (9) (8)


added a curl noise modifier by manually sampling data from curl noise field to particle
Then sent it to orientation and color (10)


having fun - HLSL :sweat_smile: (12)


Looks so cool! Keep up the good work!

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Very cool stuff, I’ve wanted to look into PhysicField feature for a while now. Is this VectorField in Niagara also made using PhysicField ? I guess you’re placing a radial physic field inside your sphere actor and the gun bullet to push back particle in Niagara, that’s right ? :thinking:

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Thanks man!
Actually no. It’s all a simple particle cloud NNN size which takes the value of DistanceField (which has -1 to 1 value) and turn it to color and mesh orientation. So every single mesh with Disance field will affect this data


cool! i didn’t know you can write HLSL directly in niagara. need to check that you as well!

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Yeap, Niagara has absolutely unlimited potential :joy:

You do not even need to go and make a new scratchpad. You can insert HLSL (snippets) almost anywhere in Niagara. Like convert attributes to HLSL expressions.

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Awesome! Thanks for explaining))
The main reason to use it in scratch pad is to attach variables on inputs and then change them from the module by adjusting it however you want from outside)

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