Adiyars' - VFX Sketchbook (8)

Hey! My name is Adiyar.

I’ve mentioned that most of people make sketchbooks here, so I decided to follow this practice as well :grin: :sweat_smile:, I think it’s going to be fun.

Currently (Mar 2023) i’m workin at Sperasoft inc. on mobile AAA fighting project.
Previously I’ve been working at Playrix - Wildscape match3 project and before that I was a part of a smaller studio based in Saint Petersburg, called GreenPixel.

Hoping to find new friends and connections in our small Realtime VFX world :heart: :grin:

I have an Instagram account where I post most of my completed effects:

Also I have a Youtube channel, planning to publish some more content in the nearest future :yum::

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Trying to make some kind of this stuff from Returnal (4)

Func1 - Fly from init pos to sampled pos (7)
Func2 - fly back to sampled pos (6)

Thanks to distance field :heart_eyes:


Some attempts to make a VectorField via Niagara particles (9) (8)