AdamO: Sketch #22

Hey all!

This is mostly a quick placeholder post to bully myself into taking part in this sketch challenge - feel free to throw mean names in my general direction if I haven’t posted in a while! I’m currently thinking I’ll try out the grenade option as I want to try and restrict myself to something predominantly physical as I usually tend to go for the sci-fi and magical stuff and I should probably get back to basics and GROUND IT UP! (Although I might not be able to resist the urge to do one or two more fantastical explosions…)

I didn’t have a lot of free time this evening so this is mostly just scene setup and creating the first few assets to start making stuff go boom so there’s not really much to look at - hopefully I can squeeze some more time in this week after work, otherwise I’ll make sure to find time over the weekend!

Anyway, enough preemptive excuses, here’s an incredibly underwhelming gif of a rather wimpy little smoke puff and my incredible animation skills… more to come soon.

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Hey @AdamOstridge!

We chose the same effect! Can’t wait to see those magic explosions :new_moon_with_face:

Have fun and take it easy!

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So it turns out finding time is pretty hard at the moment but none-the-less I’m attempting to stick with this as best I can! A really tiny update from me today but unfortunately it’s all I’ve had time for - hopefully I should be able to squeeze some more time in before the month is up but it’s going fast!


Don’t stress out! I really like that vector field on the “02_Magical”.

By the way, I noticed the sphere / grenade shadow goes backwards when it’s about to touch the ground.

For the loop, I would suggest to give it more time before throwing another grenade, since it looks like some of the particles haven’t dissapeared when the other grenade touches the ground (visible at the beginning / end of the video in “01 Realistic”).

Great job! :bomb:

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Hey lush, thanks for the feedback! it’s actually just where the GIF loops, just a very sloppy cut, I’ll try and grab something a bit better next time! :stuck_out_tongue:

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