About Hotkey for Particle system

hi, want to ask is there any way to set the hotkey for particle system ( “play” “restart” “stop” ). TQ

I’m assuming you want to know Unity’s Particle System shortcuts right?

You can assign your own custom hotkeys using the Shortcuts Manager!


Tq for reply, i think unity hotkey menu doesnt include this shortcut slot.

I think the default hotkeys are , and .

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As @Ludvig stated:

Also, use M and N to Forward and Reverse!

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oh, so there is no restart key, so sad.

Hey, thanks for raising this! You’re totally right, we should have a shortcut key for Restart. I’m adding it to the Forward Slash key in Unity 2019.3.


Btw , how to do that?
you mean need to wait until 2019.3 official patch?
(you are the programmer of unity?)

Awesome! Thanks :sparkles:

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Yes sorry I should have mentioned this - I work on the Particle System at Unity :wink:

I added it and it is probably already available in the latest 2019.3 beta!