Abdel Kader Wawi: Sketch #25 Slow


[Update 2]
Added time circles and distortions (Still need some timing + color tweaks):

[Update 1]
one of the 1st steps of the anticipation:

Hello Everyone, this is a really rough sketch of time cage which is a status effect that slows everything inside of it.
More coming soon!


Alright, here’s the 1st step that i started working on:
The ribbons of concentration:
I’m using cool dynamic ribbons.

There are two ribbon renderers that I’m using to generate this effect, and they are crossed with each other depending on the movement of a “Mother particle”

Here’s a zoom!

I didn’t use any meshes doing these, and I’m using an atlas of texture that I also scroll across these ribbons, (I also need to polish this at a later step)



This also means that I can have these generated depending on physics.
In the example below, I’m using physics along with different strengths of turbulence!


Hey! This looks awesome! :slight_smile:

One question though, how do you give the ribbons that type of movement? i was sure you were using meshes, i tried using the Velocity/Life module with ribbons before and it kinda did something like this, but this is way better


Hey! Not sure if you seen this video:

Maybe this could help you in the journey!
Looking great tho! Keep us updated! :slight_smile:


Added More to the caster’s effect:
*the time circles made out of ribbons.
*distortion lines and particles to show that time distortion is affected.

The extra stuff:

The extra stuff with what has already been done:

The two Time circles: