A VFX Journey

Well hello, I wanted to share my little journey as a beginner in VFX. I really love making them and, imagine what I can do next.
If you have any advice or opinion I would love to hear it I really want to grow and specialize in VFX.

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Here is my latest VFX. It’s a light blessing spell, I was really happy when I finished it, and I realize how much I improved from my first VFX.

(the magic circle belong to Taylor Richardson)


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i love the particles around the pattern, are those butterflies, but the spinning is really hurting my eyes, i am trying to look at ur magic circle because it looks good but it spins and spawns multiple and it goes up, for a blessing vfx i would expect some faint glowing it looks more like a attack than buff vfx.

but great work so far

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Yes, they are butterfly, I didn’t make the magic circle it belongs to Taylor Richardson.
Now that you say yes it looks quite aggressive x).

Thank you so much for your reply, and your advice ^^

I made the modification based on your reply and yeah it really change a lot (and this time the magic circle is made by me)
Light Blessing up lightBlessingab

looking good their, maybe u could add some light coming down on it, but I really like it so far

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So here is another VFX that I’m working on too. It’s a mana storm, I will say that I didn’t really know what I wanted to do however like Bob Ross said " There are no mistakes, just happy accidents."
topviewmanastorm Manastorms

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Nice! I like the direction it’s going, maybe at some little swirls to the effect that build up speed over time could work?

Looking forward to the next update!

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Thanks :).

It’s maybe a dumb question but how do you do the swirl and made them rotate around? Do you use a mesh with a texture on it or is it particle with a ribbon that turn around?

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You’ve different approaches to do it, you can create a mesh trail and scroll a texture over it. Or what just some particles with trails on, it depends on the flow and movement that you want to create :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried what you advised and it gives a nice touch (it still need polish tho)
manastorm2 *

Thank you so much

So here is again a new test. This time I tried to make a “compo” VFX named Ice Slash. I need to do next a real slash fx however, I still have to finish a study that I’m doing on the different elements (I already did the fire and ice but I’m kinda stuck with the electronic one) ^^’.


So here is the study I’ve been working on.

Fire : fireball

Ice: iceelement

Elec: ElecBall

I struggled a little bit on the electric one because I didn’t know how to start it. But now that I finally was able to make it I will move on to the Shadow and Light elements.