A Quick Request about Violence in Reference Footage / Shared Content

With the subject of our challenge being “Bombardment”, we’re opening ourselves up to a lot of graphic imagery used as reference. I’d like to ask each of you participating to please hide any potentially graphic reference under a collapsed menu using the details command, like so:

[details="Warning: Potentially Graphic Content: City Bombing"]
Warning: Potentially Graphic Content: City Bombing


Our moderators and I will be notifying and adjusting such imagery that we’re concerned about.

If you’re interested in the broader discussion:

As visual effects artists, we’re often asked to create art that portrays fairly awful things - violence and games can often go hand in hand, and we each have to find our own limits on how far we pursue realism, detail, etc. We shouldn’t ever hide that reality from ourselves.

On the other hand, as an online community, we have to make sure that we create as open and welcoming of an environment for all artists as possible. By using the collapsing menu, viewers are allowed to "Opt-In’ to viewing content.